Windows Mobile Betting

Microsoft has achieved more than their success in creating software solutions for personal computers. They have moved on into the mobile phone market in 2000 and officially released their own device in 2003. With the surge of this technology, gambling enthusiasts were delighted that their phones can already make use of Windows Mobile Betting applications that will allow them to bet on sporting and non-sporting events wherever they may be. From their early beginnings to today, Microsoft’s phone software has been part of the streamline of devices available at the palm of your hands, literally.

Windows Phone BettingBirth of the Microsoft’s Own Smartphone

Along with other smartphone developers, Microsoft had realised the impact of their products on the consumers. As an answer to the growing popularity of phone applications of just about everything anyone can think of, the Windows Phone has created its own versions of these famous apps. Gambling applications have been popular on many smartphones and through Windows mobile betting apps, Windows Phone owners can now enjoy similar platforms as those on Apple, Blackberry and Android products. Microsoft might be trailing behind, but they plan to catch up to their competitors.

Accessing Applications Through Their Phone

Although they are not as successful as their competitors, they are promising full potential in the smartphone market. For the time being, there is a limited number of gambling grounds that these applications offer. However, users can still access top betting websites through the web browser. All they have to do is type the address on the address bar, and they can go ahead with enjoying the full offering of these sites. What they will see on their screen is a mini version of what they see on their desktop computers.

Windows Phone Betting - BetfairBetfair and Their Fast and Easy Updates

So far, Betfair, one of the top betting sites, doesn’t have a native application for these phones, but they can access the site right away through the web browser. There have been no problems in accessing the site through this method. It has a full range of sports events where users can place their bets, look at the scores and even bet on the game live. All users would need is internet access and they can check the progress of the games and their account at any time.

Bet365 and Their Promos

Aside from Betfair, Bet365 is also one of the best online sports books that users can access through their phone. Again, they can access the site by typing the web address on the phone’s web browser and sign up. Once they sign up they get up to £50 worth of free mobile bets, but the offer can be fully claimed through the desktop version. Bet365 has several features including full account summaries, in-play service and different promotions every now and then that will surely delight the players. They also have live stream service for the phone itself.

Fast, Easy, Free Access

These applications work spontaneously and properly. All you need to do is request to have an SMS sent to your mobile phone that will contain the download link for their mobile app. This will allow users to enjoy Windows Mobile betting offerings right away. Users don’t have to be in front of the desktop computer all the time. They could be anywhere and still get to bet on their favourite games, sports events and teams. It’s fast, easy, free, and available right away in the palm of their hands.