Mobile Betting Sites

Mobile betting has slowly but surely been one of the most innovative factors the betting industry has seen since shifting online. The introduction of mobile betting sites from the majority of the world’s largest bookmakers has underlined how important this sort of technology has become to the gambling industry.

The ease in which people can bet on the go and more importantly, access these mobile sports betting sites has allowed bookmakers to open up to a whole new generation of bettors. No longer are people constricted to either placing a bet via their laptop or from the confines of a betting shop. No matter where you are in the world, mobile technology has allowed punters to access smaller versions of these betting sites at a time and place which conveniences them.

Unlike many innovations in the gambling world that has come before mobile betting, this really feels like it’s going to be around forever; and even possibly make the current form of betting sites as we know them, redundant. Smartphones are something that we, as a society, will always use and it simply makes sense to access this sort of information via such a device. The money and resources that many bookmakers have already invested into mobile betting technology clearly suggests that they think the same, with some bookmakers claiming that over 30% of their traffic now comes from their betting app alone.

BetVictor Mobile Betting App

Best Mobile Betting Sites - BetVictorBetVictor have managed to bring out one of the best looking mobile betting apps on the market. It’s evolution from the initial BETA has been astonishing and now we can safely say that they are without doubt one of the leading forces in the mobile betting world.

The app is packed full of features such as live streaming, live betting, with a mass of markets and sports on offer. There are very few, if any, downsides to the betting app and it’s one of the most polished we have tested. Whilst design has obviously been important on this app, the usability and functionality is something to behold.

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SkyBet Mobile Betting App

Best Mobile Betting Sites - SkybetThe SkyBet mobile app is one of the best looking apps on the market. This is of little surprise really when you consider that BskyB – owner of SkyBet – is one of the biggest corporations in the world and probably has a research and development budget larger than some of their competitor’s yearly turnover.

Nonetheless, the app still needs to bring appeal to their customers and it does with a flurry of markets. Their football and horse racing sections are worthy of particular praise due to the in-depth nature of each.

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SportingBet Mobile Betting App

Best Mobile Betting Sites - SportingbetSportingBet have managed to produce one of the more quirky betting apps that we have tested. The app really does manage to bring a bit of fun to the mobile industry with ‘cartoony’ icons and font, if you can indeed call them that.

That being said, behind all the gimmicks is a very sturdy betting app. They are still in their ascendency with their betting app but they are making all the right noises. As more sports and markets continue to become readily available, this mobile betting site continues to keep challenging with some of the bigger players in the mobile betting market.

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