Live Mobile Betting

As betting apps continue to grow in terms of markets they offer, they are also expanding in the technology that is available. One of these advances has meant that many betting apps now offer a live betting section for their users. Live mobile betting is something that has become massively popular within the industry due to the availability that mobile betting brings for its customers.

Since the early days of mobile betting apps, live mobile betting sections has seen many changes, often with betting apps going through massive trial and error stages; with some proving quite costly. But those days are gone and the majority of live betting sections are completely safe and often faultless. In fact, many mobile betting apps actually promote live betting more than a lot of their more fixed priced betting simply because of the popularity it has had on the mobile platform.

What is live mobile betting and more importantly, how does it work?

Live Mobile BettingFor those of you unfamiliar with live betting then let us quickly enlighten you. Live betting, or in play betting, is simply betting on a sport or match that is taking place at the present time. So it could be a football match between two of your favourite teams. Live betting means that the markets adjust and alter as this match take place. Depending on what happens in the match will provide differing results for how much the odds on a specific market change. The odds will continue to fluctuate throughout the match and you can back them right up until the final whilst.

It works exactly the same on a mobile device as it would if you were betting on your PC or laptop. As technology has advanced within the mobile betting world, the speed in which odds change has massively increased meaning you can stay up to date on your phone with the latest live odds. A lot of betting sites have managed to incorporate live streaming as well, meaning you can not only bet on a sport via your mobile on the go, but also watch the match live.

Sounds great! What else do I need to know?

Live Mobile BettingLive betting is so adaptable on your mobile these days that it means you can access these markets from wherever you are in the world. The great advantage with this is that as long as your internet strength is strong enough to run the app itself, then the markets will update just as quickly then if you were running it via Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone or tablet.

It works especially well if you are actually at a sporting event and wanting to bet on it. You can get a first-hand view of what’s going on and then you can also react to how the market is fluctuating making betting even more profitable.

So what’s the downside to live betting?

These days the downsides to live betting are pretty minimal. The speed in which markets load and change are really excellent. One thing that’s worth pointing out is that bets sometimes take a little longer to place when using your mobile betting app. This isn’t normally an issue when you are using fixed odds as they aren’t going to change very much in say 10 seconds or so. But that same time frame in live betting can mean massive changes in odds, so getting a matched price is not always as simple as it may first appear.