BlackBerry Betting

As mobile betting continues to make giant strides in the online gaming market, bets made using mobile devices now account for a significant portion of the top bookmakers’ income, and it is, therefore, hardly surprising the biggest sports betting operators have started to invest considerable funds into their mobile betting applications. iPhone and Android devices have long been used to place wagers online, but BlackBerry betting is also becoming increasingly popular among online punters. This premium handheld device offers excellent opportunities for sports bettors everywhere.

Betting on BlackberryiPhone and Android applications were the first to be developed by the world’s biggest online bookmakers, but it’s been a while now that another smartphone has made a splash in this growing market. As of recently, BlackBerry betting has been accommodated at all reputable online betting venues, which goes to show RIM’s handheld device has gone to become the third most popular smartphone on the market. As a result, the bookies are making sure their websites are optimized for BlackBerry users as well.

BlackBerry Betting Applications

BlackBerry applications are not the same as their iPhone and Android counterparts, but what you really get is regular websites specially optimized for this high-quality handset. There is no download required, but all you need to do is visit the optimized website using your mobile device and start betting. Websites that are advertised as BlackBerry compatible offer their customers easy navigation, full sports coverage as well as full account functionality.

This basically means that you can open an account, make deposits and withdrawals and even enjoy live betting directly on your mobile device, without visiting the online betting website. The best online bookmakers already have websites that are BlackBerry compatible, and it is only a matter of time before every reputable sports betting operator will adapt their website to suit this group of players.

How to bet with BlackBerry

Betting on BlackberryBetting with your BlackBerry device is extremely simple, with no need to download any software that your mobile provider could charge you for. Simply point your mobile browser to the online betting website and you will be automatically taken to the BlackBerry optimized section, if one is available. Our advice is to bookmark the website address so that you can access it from your home page later. After you have completed your registration process, make a deposit and start placing your bets, it’s that simple.

Is betting on BlackBerry secure?

Having been designed as a handheld device that can perform all kinds of online functions, BlackBerry ensures maximum security while browsing the web. Given that sportsbook websites that you will be visiting also deploy the latest security protocols to safeguard your financial data and personal information, you can rest assured that BlackBerry betting is extremely safe and secure as long as you only play at reputable venues. Even if the online gaming world has only recently started to recognize the importance of players using BlackBerry devices to place sports bets, it is quickly becoming clear that this type of wagering has a bright future ahead.