Android Betting

The Android OS has quickly become one of the biggest operating systems in the industry. The development in Android betting apps over the last few years has seen a massive shift in how bettors conduct their betting habits. Many users are shifting to these mobile devices due to not only the increase in availability, but also the increase in usability.

Why use Android over its competitors?

Best Android Betting AppsOne of the main reasons users may use Android betting apps over rival operating systems is simply the availability of the software. Whilst companies such as Apple have their iOS on just Apple based devices, Android cater to a much wider audience with manufactures that include Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Motorola, to name but a few. This means that each phone will not only have access to the operating system, but also include their own features from each manufacturer.

Many bookmakers have targeted Android as one of their main mobile markets to integrate. We would say that 90% of the mobile betting apps we have tested are all Android compatible, and the rest generally aren’t worth having. The exposure that Android now commands in the mobile betting industry is rivalled by only Apple, making it one of the best operating systems to use.

How to find and download Android Betting app

Most betting sites include a range of ways in which you can access their betting apps for android users. It’s only been recently that the Android app store has started allowing customers to download directly from there. Whilst this is a feature that’s still in ascendency, it’s beginning to become more popular with betting sites.

The downside to Android is that the majority of betting apps aren’t in the Android store. But there are ways around this. As you may or may not be aware of, many bookmakers have mobile sites as an addition to their mobile apps. The mobile site is basically there app but it can only be viewed from a browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari or the equivalent. Once you hit their site from a smartphone or tablet device you will be direct to the mobile site. Once on the site users of Android OS can simply add this page to their home screen in the form of an app to allow for easy, instant access.

Web Based Android Apps v Mobile Site Apps

Essentially there is no difference between betting sites Android based web app and an app youmay download directly from the android store. The features, looks and layout will all be identical, as well as bonuses and promotions. The only difference you may notice is that the Web based app will load within your browser and the ‘proper’ app will load as any normal app that you have downloaded.

Android Betting Features

Best Android Betting AppsOne of the best features of using Android devices is the introduction of exclusive free bets and promotions. As mobile continues to grow, more bookmakers are offering mobile specific offers for their punters in an attempt to get them signed up. A lot of the deals run adjacent to any betting site promotions, meaning you can take two bonuses just for using your Android device.

Android apps are some of the easiest to use in the market. They look simply superb and flicking between sports and markets is really simple. The apps are so concise these days that the majority of sports and markets can be found on an Android betting app, with all the features that comes along with it.